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New students applying for admission to Jefferson Christian Academy must provide the following materials before they can be accepted:

All new students must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at the time of registration, and should bring the following items with them:

If you prefer to download the full application you may do so by clicking here. Fill it out and return it to us via mail to:

3060 FM 728, Jefferson, TX 75657.


In order to ensure the best possible Christian environment for our young people, Jefferson Christian Academy reserves the right to refuse the student whose behavior in the past has not been acceptable. Acceptance of all students will be subject to review by the Executive Committee.​

RETURNING STUDENT(s), log in to Gradelink's parents/family portal account and re-enroll. If you've forgotten your password, contact the registrar by clicking HERE!​​

** FYI: After completing the "Application/Enrollment Forms", check your email to confirm your signature otherwise we will not receive your "Application/Enrollment Forms."

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